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Our Gold Network - Our Gold network is provided by Savvis, Sprint, Global Crossing, Telia, Qwest, Level3, PCCWBTN and AIX peering(which publicly peer's us with almost 30 providers including Earthlink)! All this plus Route Science optimization. We believe in large pipes of quality providers to handle spikes in traffic as well as unknown traffic patterns in the case of a primary link failure. This is why our network minimum Internet backbone connection is 1 gig pipes, from each of our providers. This gives us nearly a 100% network uptime. All of our servers are located in Atlanta, GA, USA!

Avaya Route Science - We are one of the few hosting companies in the industry to utilize high end Avaya ANS BGP management devices. This has improved network traceroute times by 20%, reduced unreachable nets by 85% and improved stability of the network overall as well. The route science box measures traffic over 7000 times per minute based on our actual surfers to our data centers clients and optimizes which network they will take on outbound traffic. This truly delivers the fastest possible network connection no matter where in the world your surfers come from!

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CompuNet's Data Center


  • Security starts from the moment you enter the building with 10 foot high razor wire fences surrounding the 4 acre property, all of which is covered by security lights and cameras. All footage from the cameras is stored on a specially built security server with redundant storage. Entrance through the main gate requires a keycard or manual access granted by our onsite security guards and happens through an electric gate for customers' convenience. The front door is again protected by a key card reader. After entering the gate, there are three locked/key carded doors protecting the datacenter and a biometric hand scanner authentication. Once inside the datacenter itself, customers assets are protected by locked secure cabinets or cages. All assets entering or being removed from the building are logged by an onsite security guard. Our guard service is managed by a duly sworn armed police officer with arrest powers.


  • CompuNet's data center is one of the few facilities able to support even your most power dense applications. Power is dual fed from the grid and protected though our redundant paralleled power system, configured with an additional full wrap-around bypass for extra redundancy (we are able to take the system offline for any type of internal maintenance without dropping power to the facility). The UPS system is backed up by a state of the art parallel generator system with multiple generators running in N+1 format. These are computer controlled and automated. The generators have 150 gallon day tanks fed from redundant pumps from our 12,000 gallon reserve tank. The system is powered by state of the art by Cummins turbocharged generators and digital fuel management system by Simplex and Veeder-Root.

Cooling Systems

  • CompuNet's data center currently has 1000 tons of cooling piped into its 50,000 sq. foot datacenter. With pre planned capacity of over 2000 tons, cooling will never be an issue. Each bank of cooling towers utilizes state of the art energy management technology. As with all core system, the cooling towers are N+1, fed by redundant N+1 pumps. The data center also has a 30,000 gallon reserve water tank in case the city water supply ever fails.

Building Management

  • CompuNet's data center is monitored at over 450 points by a state-of-the art digital building management system. Staff can log in securely from any location and check on all systems. The datacenter floor itself is equipped with temperature sensors in strategic locations that constantly monitor conditions in the facility and make adjustments. Alarms and out-of-tolerance conditions send an e-mail alert directly to management's PDAs. The system controls water flow through pump speeds and air flow to the cooling tower through fan speeds. This saves energy and ensures that the system is operating at its peak performance 24x7. The system also monitors and logs all electrical activity within the facility and sends notifications of events.

Fire Protection

  • CompuNet's data center uses a state-of-the-art dual interlock dry pipe fire suppression system. High-tech smoke detectors signal the pipes to switch from compressed air (so our data center staff are instantly alerted of leaks) to water. Then if a sprinkler head is set off by an actual fire, water is deployed to the affected zone only. The system is monitored through the building management system. The floors are all equipped with floor drains on 20 foot centers that drain the building in case of system activation.


  • Sitting on one of AGL's main fiber backbones, the data center operates a metro Ethernet ring based on Extreme Networks 10 Gig technology. It has Sonet-like EAPS implementation for sub 50 ms re-route times, utilizing Ethernet for efficient and affordable equipment connectivity. We have collocation in Telx at 56 Marietta and Switch and Data at 56 Marietta and are able to offer you 100 mb and Gigabit Ethernet metro cross connects to any one of the more than 100 carriers located in the Telx building. The ring is currently lit at 10 gig.

GOLD Network Graphs


Internet Provider Link to AIX Peers

Telia - GigE (1000Mbit)

PCCWBTN - GigE (1000Mbit)

Global Crossing - GigE (1000Mbit)

Savvis - GigE (1000Mbit)

SILVER Network Graphs

Internet Provider Telia Silver 1100

Internet Provider Cogent Silver 1100





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